Around The Coast In A Campervan


In 2012 I took some time off work, bought myself a campervan, bid farewell to my family and friends, and set off to explore the coastline of the British mainland (anti-clockwise).

Along the way I took a few photos (about 12,500) - some of which I actually liked - met a few interesting people, got stuck in a few narrow lanes, and saw many beautiful places, all within my home nation.

Oh yeah, and I wrote a daily diary of the whole experience.

Use the menu options at the top of the page to find out how you can purchase my eBook “Around The Coast In A Campervan”, see the route that I took and a list of the places that I visited, view all of the photos that I took in each county (for free!), and maybe contact me with any questions or comments.

All images © 2012 Jon Gunter.